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Some things to know as you peruse our website:
  1. A mixed-case discount of 10% will apply to the purchase of 12 or more mixed bottles. This discount does not apply to bottles marked "NO DISCOUNT,” “SALE,” or often “INQUIRE.”
  2. We offer free storage for all the wine you buy from us for up to one year.
  3. Can't find what you're looking for? We're happy to help you find bottles that we may not have in stock. Give us a call at 323-937-9468 or drop us an e-mail at
  4. We charge California Sales Tax on all wine, beer, cider, and accessories sales without exception. As our client you take full possession of your purchase in the state of California, even if it ultimately is shipped to an out-of-state residence or business. This means that you will be shipping your wine to yourself according to your state’s laws governing shipment of wine. We understand that our practice is not the norm in the retail wine trade, but we believe it is the only responsible position. By example, New York State is a ‘reciprocal’ state, as is California, so it is legal for us to ship wine between the two. The catch-22 even big online wine retailers don’t want you to think about is that New York State requires out-of-state retailers to register with their State Liquor Authority, pay an annual license fee of some $8,000.00, and provide detailed sales reports 18 times per year of all sales shipped into New York State. Recently, New York State sued one of the largest wine internet retailers, The Wine Library of New Jersey, for selling and shipping wine to New York State residents without a license.
  5. We only ship wine within the state of California. We are happy to help you arrange your own shipping by packing your wine in FedEx- and UPS-approved wine shippers (no charge for packaging). You can either email us prepaid shipping labels or simply email us your FedEx or UPS account number and will we affix handwritten labels to your packages. We also request that you inform your shipper of when you want your package(s) picked up at our facility where it will rest in our temperature and humidity controlled warehouse until departure.
IMPORTANT:If you wish to ship wine outside California and would like to arrange your own shipping, choose HOLD FOR FURTHER SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS during the check-out process,then email us at with your shipping instructions.

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